A Look to the Future of Journalsim

Journalism will live as long as people continue to tell stories, and as long as people are willing to listen. New journalism focuses more on personalizing the news reading experience.

When I first walked into Steve Fox’s class I assumed that multimedia acted more as a feature for news reporting or newsgathering. I had no idea that so much effort is directed towards maintaining effective multimedia components that attract an audience.

Now I think of print journalism as a slowly fading industry. News organizations everywhere continue to lose readers and they are forced to adapt to the current trends and a deeper involvement in multimedia.

When I think of journalism, multimedia is the first thing to pop in my head. I am so used to seeing pictures, videos, and audio files to accompany a piece of journalism, it would seem strange to see anything else.

That does not mean that print journalism is dying, but it is becoming less prominent, generating opportunities for multimedia journalism to take over.

In recent years Twitter and Facebook have proved to be a useful tool for journalists. Reporters can connect with one another and share information with the click of a button.

I never could have imagined that journalism would out grow the newspaper medium, but all news organization understand the importance of reaching out to as big an audience as possible, and that cannot always be done with a circulated newspaper.

Since I learned how journalists use social media, I myself try to take advantage of its capabilities. Today, I no longer have to rely on running to the convenience store to grab a newspaper, we just pull out our IPhones and surf through Twitter to learn what is going on.

I think journalism will continue to evolve and push the envelope, providing a more sophisticated connection with news organizations and its readers.


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